Historic Colonial Wood Home, North Carolina country house, printed plans

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Traditional Colonial Style Wood House - 1780s

  • Building name: Palmer House
  • Designer/Architect: Unknown
  • Date of construction: Before 1800
  • Location: Orange County, North Carolina
  • Style: Colonial
  • Number of sheets: 11 sheets measuring 18”x24”

Sheet List

  • Cover sheet, information, Site Plan
  • Basement Floor Plan, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • First Floor Plan, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • Attic Floor Plan, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • North (Entry) Elevation, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • South Elevation, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • East Elevations, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • West Elevations, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • Section, 1/4”=1’-0”
  • Two Sheets of Details, various scales

This listing is for prints on 20# bond paper. It is for architectural drawings only. Any photos shown in the description are informational only and not included in this package.

The wood and brick Palmer House (before 1800), in Orange County, North Carolina, resembles the Williamsburg houses. Its interior is spacious and elegant. It has an unusual lateral front hall. Built over a brick raised basement the house itself is wood framed with clapboard siding. The principal floor has two large rooms and a small room, in addition to the large entry hall. The attic with dormers is at present two large rooms.

As a work of art these prints are worth purchasing in their own right. For those of you interested in building a historically inspired house, these plans could easily be adapted to a flat to moderately sloping site. The first floor could be arranged a number of ways, depending on your needs. The small room could serve as a kitchen alcove off of a family room. Or it could be kept separate and used as a small first floor bedroom. The attic could comfortably accommodate 2 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms. On a sloping site a ‘walk out’ basement could provide additional living space. Its exterior dimensions measure roughly 34’ x 45’-6”. This compact, efficient house, with the appearance of being a single story, would be equally comfortable in town, suburb or country setting.

Please view my other listings for more plans from Williamsburg, Virginia and for a large variety of other house plans in many other styles as well.

SHIPPING: Your drawings are shipped to you, rolled, not folded, in a Priority Mail tube. This listing includes architectural prints ONLY. Any photos shown in the description are for information only and are NOT included in your purchase. Thanks.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUILD: These plans are not complete architectural drawings as might be required by your local permitting agency and do not contain all the structural, waterproofing and other details and information necessary for construction. But your local builder or architect should be able to adapt these drawings and add to them as necessary. What they do provide is accurate design information about a REAL historic American home, not a pseudo-historic tract house as you will find in the house plan magazines on your supermarket shelf

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: Orders shipped to addresses outside the USA may be subject to customs duties at their destination. The buyer is responsible for any such duties.

The original drawings from which these dimensionally accurate scans were made are kept at the Historic American Building Survey, in the Library of Congress. (CW006)